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Pediatric Neurology

Pediatric neurology or child neurology refers to a specialized branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and management of neurological conditions in neonates (newborns), infants, children and adolescents. The discipline of child neurology encompasses diseases and disorders of the spinal cord, brain, peripheral nervous system, autonomic nervous system, muscles and blood vessels that affect individuals in these age groups.
If a child has problems that involve the nervous system, a pediatric neurologist has the specialist training and knowledge to assess, diagnose and treat the child. The conditions dealt with by pediatric neurologists vary considerably, from relatively simple disorders such as migraine or cerebral palsy through to more complex and rare conditions such as metabolic disease or neurodegenerative disorders.
Examples of the types of conditions encountered by specialists in this field include:
1.Genetic diseases of the nervous system
2.Congenital metabolic abnormalities that affect the nervous system
3.Congenital birth defects affecting the brain and spinal cord
4.Neurological developmental problems during childhood
5.Childhood epilepsy
6. Febrile seizures
6.Movement disorders such as tics, dystonia
7.Progressive neuromuscular conditions such as muscular dystrophy
8.Abnormal mental development, speech disabilities and learning disabilities
9.Autism spectrum disorders
10.Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
11.Headaches and migraine
12.Neuromuscular medicine
13.Vascular neurology including stroke
14.Intellectual disability

Pediatric Surgery

Pediatric surgery is a subspecialty of surgery involving the surgery of fetuses, infants, children
Pediatric surgery arose in the middle of the 20th century as the surgical care of birth defects required novel techniques and methods and became more commonly based at children’s hospitals. One of the sites of this innovation was Children’s Hospital of Star. Beginning in the 1940s under the surgical leadership of C. Everett Koop, newer techniques for endotracheal anesthesia of infants allowed surgical repair of previously untreatable birth defects. By the late 1970s, the infant death rate from several major congenital malformation syndromes had been reduced to near zero.
Subspecialties of pediatric surgery itself include: neonatal surgery and fetal surgery.
Other areas of surgery also have pediatric specialties of their own that require further training during the residencies and in a fellowship: pediatric cardiothoracic (surgery on the child’s heart and/or lungs, including heart and/or lung transplantation), pediatric nephrological surgery (surgery on the child’s kidneys and ureters, including renal, or kidney, transplantation), pediatric neurosurgery (surgery on the child’s brain, central nervous system, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves), pediatric urological surgery (surgery on the child’s urinary bladder and other structures below the kidney necessary for ejaculation), pediatric emergency surgery, surgery involving fetuses or embryos (overlapping with obstetric/gynecological surgery, neonatology, and maternal-fetal medicine), surgery involving adolescents or young adults, pediatric hepatological (liver) and gastrointestinal (stomach and intestines) surgery (including liver and intestinal transplantation in children), pediatric orthopedic surgery (muscle and bone surgery in children), pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgery (such as for burns, or for congenital defects like cleft palate not involving the major organs), and pediatric oncological (childhood cancer) surgery.


What makes babies happy may surprise you. Child development experts who study the subject say that happiness isn’t something you give babies – it’s something you teach them.
Knowing what to expect when you have a newborn can ease the anxiety that every new parent feels and give you confidence as you bond with your new baby. The first month or two of your baby’s life are an intense time. You may find yourself more “in love” than you thought possible – or it may take longer to feel truly bonded. It’s also a time of hard work and little sleep. The better prepared you are for this time, the smoother the transition will be.


Star hospital for children is a comprehensive health centre for pediatrics and offers the best care available in modern pediatric medicine,delivered in its state of the art facilities,spread over five locations and expanding.

Welcome to Star Childrens Hospital

Star Childrens Hospital is a tertiary care pediatric hospital located on Railway Station main road, which is easily accessible to residential areas with a residential population of 2 to 3 lakhs. It is easily accessible to the people coming from various districts like Adilabad, Karimnagar and Nizamabad for medical attention due to its strategic location.

Star is a 90 bedded tertiary care pediatric hospital providing round the clock. out — patient & emergency services, with 24 hrs Diagnostics and Pharmacy, state of the art. operation theatre complex, post operative ward, NICU, PICU, Air Conditioned Rooms Non A/C Rooms, Cubicles and General Ward.

To be conspicuous Star childrens Hospital provides Intensive care for newborns and intensive care for critically ill children with round the clock availability of all specialist doctors, pediatric neurology and pediatric surgeons to treat all medical and surgical emergencies.

Our Emergency Room, NICU, PICU, other wards are well equipped to tackle all pediatric emergencies, which is manned by well qualified Intensivists, Registrar trained nurses round the clock.

Building & Infrastructure

Star children’s Hospital has built up area of 15000 sq ft with basement, ground & four floors. We have lift apart from stair case for the use of patients. A heavy power generator is present to ensure uninterrupted power supply. Hygienic filtered cool water units are provided in all floors. In-patients wards are divided as Non A/C Single Rooms, Cubicles & General Ward in 1st floor. PICU, Deluxe Rooms, Twin Sharing Room are in 2nd Floor. NICU is located in 3rd floor. A/C rooms and One ultra modern state of the art operation theatre and Post operative ward are located in 4th floor.


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